Randolph FishMan’s

Queen of Darkness


No one could have imagined that when the most prolific female mass murderer known to history was captured and confined to her demise in the late 1500’s that she was actually a descendant of creatures that have lived side by side with humans throughout recorded time. Even more alarming is that her offspring would be carrying on the only way they have always known how. Now this descendant of a long line of creatures has ended up in South Beach Miami and South Florida far from the distant time and villages of long lost Hungary.

Anyone who casts their eyes upon her begins to become powerless against her unparalleled beauty, be a man or a woman no one can turn away from her remarkable appearance. Then as her natural perfume begins to fill the senses, a euphoric feeling starts to hypnotize all that come in contact with her like opium and poppy flowers. And for those who taste her there is no return from the abyss of pleasure.

When Randolph FishMan’s Queen of Darkness was originally introduced over ten years ago it was and still is the most graphic and extreme content ever created for “entertainment” purposes. So graphic in fact that it was blacklisted from publishing even from self publish services. For over the last ten years this book has quietly circulated amongst the underground cultists who have braved to read the most extreme story ever written. Only now this cult classic story has reemerged and is available to those who dare to take the challenge of reading and completing the entire story without stopping partly through never to return to its pages.

Follow the time bending story that spans hundreds of years ending on South Beach Miami at the beginning of the new Millennium. This Shock Art book will take you places you never knew existed and beyond.

Now you can download this masterpiece of the macabre available for the first time.

This book contains extreme violent, sexual, and extraordinarily descriptive scenarios that are definitely not suitable for all audiences and readers under the age of 21. Extreme caution should be taken when deciding to read this material. Persons choosing to read this material take full responsibility for any affect it has on them and holds harmless this site and its’ affiliates for any such results stemming from the content contained herein.

Most of the content that was used in this book and twisted into this tale came from real persons and events that have been documented and collected and has occurred throughout “civilized” human history.

Take a ride you will never forget!

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